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Mechanical Engineering Services

AMD 3D Mech Consultants provides the full-spectrum of Mechanical Engineering Services from Calculation and analysis to Drawing and Piping layouts. Our professionals work both individually on client projects as well as teams to execute big and complicated projects. Our Engineering team includes Planning, Training team, Project team, Engineering team and Technical advisors as well as support professionals.

We serve clients globally in countries like USA, Canada, India, EU, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Africa etc. Our global clientele ranges from different industries from energy and power, petrochemical, specialty chemicals, Oil and Gas, manufacturing, refining industries and other manufacturing facilities.

AMD 3D Mech Consultants provides consultation related to Mechanical Engineering to all related engineering solutions for multi-disciplinary engineering projects. We closely work with our clients to improve project scope and budgets, a reliability of engineering structures and designs, from consultation and planning to execution and maintenance with cost-effective contractual and partnering services. We ensure satisfying results to our clients with quick solutions and full-spectrum engineering services with highest safety standards with quality incorporated into all work functions.

We specialize in the Mechanical engineering solutions of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, boilers and other structural elements like piping, column and fabrication drawings and models. Our mechanical engineering solutions include:

Design and Calculation Report

Product Detailing

Finite Element Analysis

Fabrication Drawings

Mechanical GA Drawings

Designing of Pressure Vessels

We are proficient in Mechanical engineering services with relevant engineering codes like ASME piping codes and ASME pressure vessel codes. We consider our client's budget and time constraints while working on projects. We work with quality and work parameters to achieve great quality designs. Our team of experienced engineers are capable of envisioning cost-effective concepts into reality with multi-discipline engineering solutions to assist our clients with EPC projects with in-house engineers and trusted associates.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis enhances the reliability of product design significantly. It is vital in reducing design cycle fo r end products and eliminating design errors. Every Mechanical Design requires a through testing in practical conditions to withstand thermal and structural modeling and durability checks. It is both costly and time-consuming process.

AMD 3D Mech Consultants provides Finite Element Analysis consulting services at low-cost and high-quality. We work across the globe with organizations and companies with diverse segments from Oil & Gas to manufacturing, addressing umpteen challenges related to structural and thermal analysis.

We maintain strict and tight deadlines to ensure complete client satisfaction and accuracy. We can help you improve product quality by performing FEA with our expertise at fraction of the costs. Our services in FEA include:

Finite Element Modeling

Structural Analysis

Dynamic Analysis


Modal Analysis

Linear and nonlinear static analysis

Steady state thermal analysis

Transient Thermal analysis

Mold flow analysis

Stress Analysis

We have dedicated and qualified engineers who are experts in stress analysis of all structure and mechanical products and designs. We undertake all types of structural, thermal, fluid flow and coupled filled analysis for all mechanical projects.

• Stress analysis is done in order to ascertain the level of stress, fatigue, strain and deformation.

• The level of radiation, conduction, and convection are recorded by the Thermal Analysis.

• Fluid flow analysis will capture flow, pressure, and velocity of fluids.

We are supported by our experienced and qualified team of Mechanical Engineers. They execute projects at break-neck speed and efficiently using most advanced tools that cover end-to-end product testing, stress analysis, and FEA.

Designing of Pressure Vessels

AMD 3D Mech Consultants' highly skilled does quality and reliable work with Equipment Engineering Design. We have team members which are experienced over 10 years in the field of equipment engineering design and analysis of Static Equipment. We work according to international standards and codes like TEMA, API, and ASME.

We have provided quality Equipment designs for industries like Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizers and manufacturing companies like Chemicals, Cement, Paint, and Plastic. We provide detailed equipment engineering design services for:

Storage Tanks



Vertical and Horizontal Towers

Shell and tube heat Exchangers

Reclaimed Waste Tank

Pressure Vessels


Our team of highly skilled designers, engineers, and AutoCAD experts have executed numerous projects in record times and at cost-effective prices. We've worked with companies across the globe in USA, USA, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Russia, EU, Germany, and the UK.

Here are some of the services for Mechanical Equipment design that we provide:

Storage Tank Design

Floating roof tank design

fixed roof tank design

Design Validations

Tank Structure Designs

Mechanical Equipment Selection

Relief Valve Sizing

Storage tank design as per codes API 650, API 620, API 653

Heat Exchanger Design

Channel Covers

Fixed tube Sheet Heat Exchangers

Durability Analysis

Floating Heads

Retirement Thickness analysis

Safety Parameter Checks

Calculation and Analysis of Heat Equipment

Design of Heat Exchangers as per TEMA and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes

Pressure Vessel Design

Pressure Vessel Stress Analysis

Spherical Vessel Design

Failure and Safety Analysis

Reactor Design

Pressure Column design and Analysis

Horizontal and Vertical Pressure Vessels

Fatigue Analysis as per pressure, temperature, start up/shutdown cycles

Component design and analysis of pressure vessels

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